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fic : love (willabeth one-shot)

Title: love
Rating: PG
Pairing: will/liz
Chapter : Love
summry: Will comes back from a long journey at sea... (liz pov)

please r&r


I ran into Will’s arms .

- Oh Will…

- Yes Elizabeth?

- I missed you!

- I know, me too he said sweetly

He hugged me tight. I let myself melt in his warm embrace closing my eyes, holding him close. I was afraid that this moment would end too soon. Was it a dream?
I started to sob uncontrollably.

What is wrong love? Asked Will

- Is this… a dream? I stammered are you… really here?

- Yes dear!

- Oh Will, don’t leave me! I cried hiding my face in his neck!

- Hush baby I’m here, I’ll never leave you!"

He whispered tenderly as he cradled me in his arms.

His warm body agents mine and his tender voice gently soothed me. But I was still trembling with fear. I was holding him tighter than ever!

« Kiss me Will, I need you!

- I’m here for you my love, always!"

He kissed me with a tender passion that made me believe in his words.
His tongue was soft as velvet, sweet as honey and warm as his passion! He gently tasted my mouth, making me shiver, moving his lips on mine. He embraced my tongue with his and sucked it gently. I savoured the taste of him! We did not need air, we breathed each other breath. The kiss lasted eternally. It was as if our souls kissed.

When we drifted apart, Will looked into my eyes with unconditional love and tenderness that made me week with emotion.

" You are my angel!

- And you are my heaven!

- I’d die for you!

- Oh Will…!"

The summer breeze bowled softly through his hair making him more beautiful then ever!
He smiled at me before pulling me close, and wrapping his arms around me he whispered

I love you my beloved Elizabeth Swann! »

Hugging him tight I whispered in return

- I love you too Will Turner!

We kissed passionately! Lost in each other, nothing mattered to us but love.
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